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Book Launch & Signing photos

New York City, September 29th, Wednesday

Crowd at the Taschen store in Soho, Photos: Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

Carlo McCormick & Tristan + Ethel Seno — signing books

Marc + Samantha & Sara Schiller, Photos: Martha Cooper

With photographer Franc Palaia + with artist Lee Quinones

Downstairs at the Taschen store, Photos: Scott Beale | Mike Brown

Spencer Tunick + Jack Napier of the BLF, who flew out from San Francisco

Gabriel Specter page + Alexandre Orion from Brazil, Photos: Martha Cooper

After party at MEET with guest artists who came from all over to be there

Ron English + Carlo McCormick & Joey Skaggs

These are just a selection from Scott Beale, Martha Cooper, and Mike Brown as the last thing I was thinking of that night was photos! It was really wonderful to see and meet so many Trespass contributors there, like a breath of air while trying to get from one side of the store to the other — Ken Hiratsuka, Alex Grey, Duke Riley, Krink, Aiko, Dan Witz, Becky Howland, Andy Bichlbaum, Steve Lambert, WK, Supakitch, Vomito Attack from Argentina, and Evereman from Atlanta; Henry Chalfant, Charlie Ahearn, Eric Haze … The Taschen report said 600 people came through during the evening and 203 books were sold. Thank you for the support, comments, and for all your good wishes. A special shout out to Lisa Kahane, Ann Messner, Anton van Dalen, Janette Beckman, Anthony Friedkin, Antonio Amendola, Alan Moore, Tony Serra, Hans Winkler and Mami Sato. Looking forward to another chance to celebrate, and now that the books are shipping, hope you’ve received your copies?

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Historical Teaser 3

As I’ve been thinking about “controversy” lately, here’s a selection of some more political material Trespass has of course not shied away from.
I remember talking to Barabara Kruger early on in the research, who said, “There was so much more at stake for us.”

Situationiste Slogan, ‘Beneath the pavement, the beach‘, Paris, 1968

Billboard Liberation Front, “Shit Happens”, 1989

Peter Missing, New York City, 1980s, Photo: Clayton Patterson

Barbara Kruger, “Pope Fetus II”, New York City, 1989

Joey Krebs aka Phantom Street Artist, Los Angeles, 1990s, Photo: Anthony Freidkin

Please note these historical images are a selection among hundreds of contemporary images featured in Trespass: Uncommissioned Public Art

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