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Release Updated 2010

It’s a new year for Trespass, and I’m looking forward to review Taschen’s hard work on the layout and design this next week. We’re excited to see what they envision as the final look of the book, as it will reach you. We’re working for an updated data out of June 15th; book releases will follow with freight around the world to make for a busy fall as we continue to get a fresh way of seeing “uncommissioned public art” out there.
In the meantime, I had a chance to catch up with Illegal/Legal author Hans Winkler, who reminded me it’s good to have partners in crime; an interview I did with Martha Cooper in the art street journal on the mural projects in Miami was well-received; and in Los Angeles last week, I stopped by Mike Roman’s exhibit — he was one of the early stencil artists in New York influenced by the Latin American tradition in the eighties, who’s work appears in a Madonna video from then. Besides Mark Jenkins show to see, Miss Van has an show opening with Victor Castillo this weekend.
It seems everyone is getting busy to make it a good year!
More on the design to come. To inspire, I re-watched the incredible documentary Man on Wire about the tight-roper walker Philip Petite, who is included in Trespass. It connects many important themes such as bank robberies to think about.

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